Mississippi’s Flag (A Klan Creation)

Who would create a state flag honoring secession and slavery?  Don’t answer Palin or Perry.  Well, maybe I should re-phrase the question.  Who created a state flag in the United States of America honoring, to this very day, the Confederacy, honoring a band of states which fought for the right to buy and sell human beings?   Let me give you a hint.  This state, a few years prior to the adoption of this flag was first to pass the

“most extreme Black Codes, laws meant to replicate slavery as much as possible. The codes used “vagrancy” laws to control the traffic of black people and punished them for any breach of Old South etiquette. Blacks could not be idle, disorderly, or use “insulting” gestures. Blacks could not own a gun or preach the Gospel without first receiving a special license. Black children were forced to work as “apprentices” for white planters, usually their former masters, until they turned eighteen. Most blatant of all, the state penal codes simply replaced the word “slave” with “freedman;” all the crimes and penalties for slaves were “in full force” for the emancipated.”

Still don’t know?  Well, this state is “Dead last, and loving it.”  This state was home to the assassination of Medgar Evers, the murder of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner, and Emmitt Till.  And the men who waved the Confederate flag so proudly in years past at Ole Miss football games  would be proud to know that in their beloved state of Mississippi, 65% of the population voted to keep a flag which the Klan and Klan sympathizers created. 


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