AP analysis: U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Voting Rights Act alters Mississippi election dynamic | gulflive.com

Did you ever get the feeling that the members of the dominant culture had a conversation of which you weren’t aware? Reminds me of the old SLN skit. It’s like the people who voted for the photo ID had a convention and determined that action must be taken to prevent someone from doing what there is not evidence anyone has been doing, voting as someone else in-person at the polls. Why would you spend the time and the money to force already registered people to effectively re-register if they lose their driving privilege in Mississippi, a driver’s license being the only photo ID that many people have or force newly eligible voters to access birth records as a part of registration when you never did before minorities formed such a substantial part of the population? Why would you increase “government” costs by putting in a photo ID regime, when there is not evidence that people are showing up to the polls and voting fraudulently? According to Mississippi’s Secretary of State, “Based on Fiscal Year 2010 information, the Department of Public Safety issued 107,094 photo IDs to U.S. citizens of voting age. The individuals were assessed $14 per ID to offset a portion of the $17.92 cost per ID. The cost is estimated to remain the same, but the assessment will no longer be allowable under the provision of Initiatve 27. Therefore, the Department of Public Safety is estimated to see a loss of revenue of approximately $1,499,000.” And this in a state where conservatives say they can’t afford Medicaid expansion. Complicating the matter is Mississippi’s law won’t let you use your old driver’s license, forcing already registered voters to re-register and go through the birth-certificate hoop. This means that when your road privilege expires, your original voter registration is null and void and you now have to go thru the process of re-registering because you now have to access birth records. This means that you have to show exactly what ID to get your birth record to get your photo ID? The law doesn’t say. And actually the law is a far cry from the photo ID initiative that the “white” voters approved, a point that the media conveniently misses,thus operating as the PR arm of the conservative legislature by giving the impression that the fiendish details enacted are the same as the initiative, when it regurgitates the approval percentage which mirrors the racial breakdown of the state. One of the devilish details in the trap: to make matters more intimidating, the legislators made no provision in the law or budget for outreach and education about the law(A very conservative figure for a Mississippi education and outreach program would be $200,000. Georgia’s costs $840,000 and featured radio and TV public service announcements, direct mail, and packages to government agencies). So no one knows what kinds of proof you have to provide, to get the birth record to prove that you are who you say you are. But the vote-Nazi, appointed thru law by the crypto-fascists(the conservative Republican, corporate shills), will tell you. By now everyone should know that the American Fascists, the corporations and their shills who are lead by the Koch brothers and the philosophical descendents of Paul Weyrich, would prefer a smaller electorate.

Mr. Hosemann, or as he should be called the vote-Nazi because of the degree of autonomy he has in determining voting in Mississippi like Mississippi is his personal property(like the Soup-Nazi from the Seinfeld episode), has the audacity to talk about trust (“our relationships and trust in each other have matured” Herr Goebbels, I mean Mr. Hosemann ridiculously remarks) when the law that the neo-feudalists have enacted is the very embodiment of the presumption of guilt. The system in place before the laws enactment had a penalty for falsely completing registration, like the penalty for a witness being sworn-in in a court of law who commits perjury. Now, all of a sudden, as the country’s demographics change, people are suddenly less trustworthy. The law is racist from the core and was only enacted at the will of a white majority apparently afraid of elections being stolen because at the party (in the bubble) to which minorities were not invited, (essentially informal gatherings after essentially segregated church services and private academy PTA meetings and probably many of the neighborhood gatherings and conservative talk radio), it was decided that the less trustworthy darker-skinned people were not to be trusted so everybody should provide photo IDs at the polls. You would think with the busy lives we all lead, working people would not want the additional hassle of new, unjustified voting requirements. But somehow white-majorities have been convinced that the deviled-faced-two-horned unicorn, the fraudulent-in-person voter, is coming to still our elections. Eventually these guys, the corporations-are-people crowd, with all their disproportionate access to legislators with their lobbyists and limitless ability to advertise, are going to overplay their hand. But we’ve probably have to get to the part where collecting rainwater, cutting into profits and earnings per share, is outlawed because the water system has been privatized before It happens.
But unfortunately for the crypto-fascists I have some bad news. “”The weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion appears to support the notion that ‘natural born Citizen’ means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship ‘at birth’ or ‘by birth,’ including any child born ‘in’ the United States, the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parents who has met U.S. residency requirements.” Simply put, a birth certificate is not needed in America to assert citizenship and in the absence of proof to the contrary you will not be able to deny the rights of a citizen to Americans based on the absence of a birth certificate. If a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, then you will not be able to deny people the rights of American citizenship without due process of law.
And furthermore, how is it that the state of Mississippi will be allowed to engage in taxation without representation for Mississippi law says(with no mention of a birth certificate)that: “An individual who maintains a home, apartment or other place of abode in Mississippi, or who exercises the right’s of citizenship in Mississippi by meeting the requirements as a voter or who enjoys the benefits of homestead exemption, is a legal resident of the State of Mississippi and remains a resident although temporarily absent from the state for varying intervals of time. An individual remains a legal resident of Mississippi until citizenship rights are relinquished and a new legal residence is established.” So how is it that Mississippi will now deny the right to vote to legal residents?

AP analysis: U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Voting Rights Act alters Mississippi election dynamic | gulflive.com


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